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Bodor laser Co2 – Fiber – Marker

use the best quality components available from world wide suppliers such as, IPG Photonics tubes, Yaskawa dual servo drive motors, Hiwin linear bearing guides, Scanlab galvanometer fibre marking lenses, & many other reputable brands. Bodor lasers are designed, researched & developed in Bodors R & D centre, Yverdon-Les-Bains Switzerland, ensuring quality design & functionality. Our technical staff are factory trained & ready to assist you in all facets of your laser usage to maximise your time management & for course profits.
Generally, carbon steel between 0.1mm-25mm could be cut by fiber laser, with smooth kerf and good perpendicularity. It is widely used in advertising board,sheet metal structure,high and low voltage electrical cabinets,and some industries such as textile machinery parts,kitchen ware,cars,steel mainly including stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel. Also Laser engraving embroidery in ready-made clothes
More than two thirds of the textile fabric can be processed with laser engraving machine for digital pattern drawing. Traditional textile processing craft requires post-processing such as grinding, pyrography and pressing, while laser engraving burn-out takes the advantages of convenience, fast-processing, flexible pattern switch, clear image, strong dimensional sense, a fair performance of the texture of different materials as well as a dynamic and evolving development. Combination of laser engraving with hollowing processing brings the final touch to this processing and adds radiance to each other. Application of laser engraving in apparel fabric and ready-made cloth embroidery: cloth fabric deep-processing plant, ready-made apparel factory, apparel fabric and processing trade enterprises.

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